Michael Fogarty Michael Fogarty

Singer-Songwriter,  Keyboardist, Arranger, Producer.  Worked for years with Jeremy Spencer (founding member of Fleetwood Mac, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member).  Recorded with Jeremy for Atlantic Records in Los Angeles.  To the present continues a busy schedule of studio production. 

Keiko Fogarty

Lead & backup vocal singer on more than 40 albums.


John Gregory

Singer, Keyboardist, Composer, Arranger, Mastering Engineer.  Performed with top groups in France.  While with Polydor Records, recorded with renowned artists in the famous Air & Trident Studios of London.

James Rudow

Over 35 years experience as entertainer in Japan—singer, rhythm guitarist, and technician. Most recently as part of the duo, Heart to Heart, which performed throughout Japan, often doing 270 shows per year.

                                          Josh Tanaka

Josh has been drumming with Tateyama’s own Naoking Band since last year. He is debuting with Infiniti at this summer concert. Father of two adorable kids, Josh also happens to be a professional carpenter, and his warm personality is gaining him a considerable clientele in the area!

Fukatsu Sumiko                                                              Fukatsu Sumiko

Tateyama City, official Hometown Ambassador. Specializing in Latin Jazz flute.  Composer and arranger.  She has recorded albums with some of the best musicians in Los Angeles, Cuba, and Brazil. 

  Hiroko Tiare Minamizaki 
Coconut Girls

Hiroko runs the HILO Hawaiian Academy Dance Studio in Kamogawa City.  https://www.facebook.com/kamogawahula/ Performers of elementary age to adult enchant audiences in the Chiba-ken area with their lively & beautiful Hula and Polynesian dances.